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So what did it cost?

These costs are retail prices, as shown in the Car and Driver article. My own costs were a little different in some areas because of my connections with Flyin' Miata and other aftermarket companies. I also had to apply a value to some parts that were just sitting around my garage.

I've always maintained that my car could be duplicated with a normal engine, stock ECU and less expensive paint for $7500. According to these numbers, that's not far off.

retail notes
donor car $0.00 I've probably made a profit by selling off little random pieces. Some Miata parts came out of my personal stash of old bits.
Wilwood parts $350.00 Pedals, master cylinders, residual pressure valves. Actually $287, but I told C&D $350. I'm not sure why.
brake line and 3-way union $8.45 from a local auto parts store
stainless lines $110.00 custom made
brass fittings $3.64 for fitting to masters
pressure switch $10.80 to make lights go.
flare fittings $7.48 Many reused from donor
rotor turning $40.00 NAPA
front brake pads $89.25 Carbotech XP8
rear brake pads $86.01 Carbotech XP8
subtotal: $705.63
Powerflex bushings $40.00 leftover stock never sold separately, unknown retail cost
control arm bolts $22.41 Whoops, got some extras
steering bits $51.56 From a friend
pillow ball for steering $6.76 Teflon block from Grainger
inserts for steering spindles $7.10 from FK
tubing for steering $7.75 To extend tie rods
tires $440.52 Toyo RA1 205/55-14
mounting for tires $39.80
wheel prep stuff $40.00 Gelled paint stripper, black paint and clearcoat.
coilovers $625.00 Including springs
subtotal: $1,280.90
starter kit $2,437.50 CMC prices are a discounted price instead of retail, but I've since learned that nobody ever paid retail anyhow.
roll bar $150.00 CMC
aluminum floor upgrade $75.00 CMC
shipping $556.86
Metal Etch $5.32 Pre-paint prep.
POR-15 $46.29 Paint for frame
subtotal: $3,270.96
1.8 ECU $887.04 Link programmable ECU.
air intake sensor $107.60 Required for ECU
1.8 MAP sensor $216.32 Required for ECU
1.8 coils $60.00 To play well with 1.8 ECU
wiring bits $8.07 Terminals, etc
Caterham tails $95.64 From Rocky Mountain Sports Cars (Caterham dealer)
front marker lights $6.44 Some sort of trailer part from Autozone
headlight shells $54.98 Dune buggy shop
starter button $18.34 MSC
Del City order $110.42 Wire connectors, switches, etc
Datatool Revlight tach $80.00 No longer available new, eBay
battery tie-down $7.30
subtotal: $1,652.15
driveshaft $264.78 Custom made from new
differential side seals $44.95
engine $1,500.00 I pulled this out of my Miata street car, but the original purchase price was for the used engine already built up. Killer deal. The actual cost to duplicate would be fairly scary and some parts are not commercially available.
radiator cap and JB weld $12.75
radiator hoses $47.54 Universal flex lines
radiator $230.90 Griffin 2-25135-X
subtotal: $2,100.92
fuel pump $247.54 Pierburg unit
fuel filter $9.54
fuel cell $100.00 Estimated cost for steel, Kreem and fittings
subtotal: $357.08
u-bends and muffler $90.00
pool hose $17.11 For mocking up muffler
subtotal: $107.11
pre-cut panels $225.00 CMC
mirrors $30.94 Lockhart Philips F1 motorcycle mirrors
aluminum sheets $11.50 For fender guards
seatbelt bolts $15.64
seat bolts $7.69
aluminum for hood $0.00 From Mark Rivera in exchange for leftover fuel pieces
hood latches $16.00 Originally for a toolbox.
paint $385.00 Lotus Chrome Orange. Expensive stuff.
channel for windshield frame $15.00 From Home Depot
glass for windshield $31.42 Laminated safety glass
rivets $40.00 That's gotta be low.
subtotal: $778.18
Total $10,252.94