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July 15, 2008: Car for sale!
Well, briefly. Chris Fiaccone's bike-engined car was one of the four cars seen in the Car and Driver article. It was beautifully built and looked like a hot rod version of a Locost. The fact that it has a 900cc bike engine and weighs under 1000 lbs doesn't hurt. When Chris decided to put the car up for sale, I told him I'd mention it here.

But it's not for sale anymore. I also mentioned it to my coworker Brandon. Okay, maybe "mentioned" is the wrong term, I called him up and told him to buy it. He's wanted a Locost for a while and this one is a fine example at a very reasonable price. He agreed, and now there's a third seven-style car hanging around Flyin' Miata. It would seem they're contagious. And it's going to be tough to keep in front of Brandon at the autocrosses, we usually have pretty good battles when we're in similar cars.

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