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This list will change, but here's the current setup. The donor car is a 5-speed 1991 BRG Miata. It's a numbered limited edition!

Engine: 1640 cc Miata 11:1 motor with Carrillo rods and Wiseco pistons, headwork, internally balanced with individual throttle bodies
Clutch: Kevlar twin-plate prototype clutch (to fit a Miata)
Transmission: Miata 5-speed
Differential: Guru Torsen-style LSD with a 1.8 Miata ring and pinion. 4.30 ratio
Driveshaft: Custom driveshaft
Axles: Miata
Engine management: Link ECU for a 1994-95 Miata
Radiator: Aluminum Griffin
Fuel tank: Hand made unit
Fuel pump: External Pierburg

Control arms: CMC manufactured
Bushings: Heim joints all around with polyurethane bushings in one place.
Steering rack: Miata power steering rack, converted to manual and shortened by 5.5".
Tie rods: Custom built with Miata outer ends
Steering column: modified Miata
Wheels: 1990 Miata wheels
Tires: 205/55-14 Toyo RA-1 or 195/60-14 Falken Azenis RT-215
Shocks: GAZ.
Brake hydraulics: Wilwood high volume master cylinders (part 260-676x, currently 3/4" and 7/8") with residual pressure valves (260-3278)
Brake pedal: Wilwood floor-mount pedal with bias bar (part 340-1285) and remote adjuster (9340-4990)
Brake pads: Carbotech XP8
Brake rotors: stock 1.6 Miata
Clutch pedal: Wilwood floor-mount pedal (part 340-1289)

Seats: Modified Miata seats
Steering wheel: Mountey 12"
Gauges: 1999 Miata gauge cluster with supplimentary oil pressure light and RevLight tachometer
Switches: Del City rocker switches
Front turn indicators: Trailer marker lights
Headlights: Dune buggy lights
Taillights: Caterham rear lights
Body: CMC supplied.

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