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Car and Driver

The article - featuring the following cars as well as mine:
Mark Rivera's MX-7 - a Miata-based build with IRS and a custom chassis
Chris Fiaccone's bike-engined car - under 1000 lbs!
Jon Winterhalter's BMW-based build - metal shaping madness

Grassroots Motorsports

The Seven vs the Ariel Atom - how does a homebuilt car stack up against one of the hottest cars on the market? I'm very happy with how this one turned out.

Discussion forums
You'll find me in a number of these. Despite the "Locost" name, many of them are good resources for any sort of home-built car.

Locost Builders - a massive forum based in the UK
Locost USA - a US-based forum
Locost North America - a Yahoo discussion group about North American builds. Quite active.
Locost - a Yahoo discussion group. Fairly active.
Locost UK - a Yahoo discussion group for UK builds, not terribly active.
Locost OZ - Australian builders.
Locost Theory - want to geek out on frame design? Here's the Yahoo group for you.
Locost Racing - another Yahoo group with a fairly obvious focus.
Westfield Miata - not Locost, but the support forum for the Miata-based Westfield.

Other builds

mcsorley.net - an excellent resource for Locost builders. Includes 3d frame models
dpcars.net - turbo 4wd Hayabusa monster
kimini - a carbon-fibre bodied Mini
Meerkat - a mid-engined variant with full bodywork
Heikki's CMC-7 - a close relative to my car
Skip's Caterham - a turbo Miata engine in a Caterham SV

Other projects of mine

Targa Miata - building a rally Miata for the Targa Newfoundland. This one is the main focus right now.
Basil - a 1967 Land Rover that was dragged out of a barn and rebuilt. Warning, long one.
The Mini - a classic Mini that is being improved gradually
The Cadillac - a 1966 monster
Track Dog
- a 350 hp Miata race car
Elvis - for the Car and Driver Superfour Challenge in 2003
FM Speed - for the Car and Driver Superfour Challenge in 2005

Red Rock Racers - a motorsports club for Colorado